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Patrick O'Leary

Principal Physiotherapist

Patrick has extensive experience in managing all manner of physical complaints and takes a keen interest in movement and performance optimisation. He takes a truly holistic approach when assessing and treating clients, with an ability to diagnose the presenting complaint and ascertain the reason it came about in the first place. He encourages an active and collaborative approach involving the client and their training facility to work together to ensure the best outcome. This typically results in fewer sessions and a more rapid resolution of their issue.

Patrick enjoys working with a wide range of motivated clients and their presentations, from an acute injury on the weekend to a long-term chronic complaint. He also has a particular interest in post-surgical management.

Patrick gets great satisfaction in helping clients get back to where they want to be, whether that goal is to set a new PR in the gym, get back out on the field at their peak or be able to lift their grandchildren again with confidence.

An initial session with Patrick will typically involve a 'head-to-toe' assessment to work out the underlying cause of your complaint, treatment of those findings to improve symptoms and a plan for getting you back to your best as quickly as possible.

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